If you’ve been around our clinic for even just a year, you know all about our love for celebration! It’s not unusual to see a happy birthday banner and streamers around one of our desks. We celebrate doughnut day, and coffee day and any other menial national holidays we can think of.

It’s fun to celebrate! And going to the eye doctor should be a party right? We hope you feel like that way. That’s why we get pretty excited about HALLOWEEN!!!

Unofficially we’ve been celebrating the spooky day for more years than we can count. A few years ago we decided to run a departmental costume contest and let the public decide who takes the cake for the season. We’d love to see you drop in on Halloween and vote in person, but we’ll also be posting on FACEBOOK! Join the fun! Bring in your kiddos for a little parade through the office, and enjoy Halloween with GOC!

Here’s a peek at some of our previous costume fun!

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