What is this?!
The picture you’re seeing is a scan of the glands in the lower eyelid.

These glands are in charge of making the oil layer of your tear film. Every time you blink, you activate these glands and they secrete a bit of oil to keep your tear from evaporating too quickly off of your eye. Pretty cool huh?

Unfortunately (at an increasing rate) people are losing the function of these glands. Do you blink well enough to protect your meibomian glands?

What happens when they die off?

Have you ever heard of Dry Eye Syndrome?
Sandy gritty eyes, watering, burning, redness, fluctuating vision; these are all symptoms of dry eye syndrome. Dry eye is a progressive disease; you can’t cure it, but you can take some important steps to slow down the process, and make your eyes feel better. Luckily for you, Gillette Optometric Clinic PC offers cutting edge dry eye support with Tear Science and LipiFlow. If you’re ready to treat your dry eye syndrome contact us today to make an Ocular Surface Disease Evaluation. You can find relief from dry eye!

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