It’s okay in December Maybe less okay the day after Halloween But lets be honest: the holidays can inspire, rejuvenate, and revive the most jaded and wore-out human being.

In our clinic we understand this very well. You see, We work hard. We don’t have luxurious doctor hours. We don’t cut it short on Fridays to enjoy golf, or a long weekend trip to Vegas. We work 7am-6pm every week day to accommodate YOU. We find ourselves easily drawn into the monotony, negativity, and Grinch-ness that happens when you glance away from the true spirit of the holidays.

All Grinch-ness aside (yes it’s a word, trust us) We appreciate YOU.

YOU are the reason we are here! We love serving you, making sure you have the best care, not just for your eyes, but for your comprehensive health. We are blessed to call you our patients, and in the spirit of the season (and every moment of the year) We are incredibly sentimental about the wonder and Majesty this season brings.

in Celebration of this momentous occasion of family, friends, love, and in observation of His beautiful birth over two thousand years ago, (and to ditch the Grinch-ness) we’ve decided to have some fun.

Trust us when we say we’re going to have some fun!

The Holiday sweater event has been observed at GOC for several seasons now, and it’s become a highly anticipated event by employees and the community alike! It’s an excuse to think outside the box, to joke, play, and make work a little less ordinary (monotonous).

Please join us this year on the 21st of December in the clinic, or through our Facebook event (click  here)to see our great sweaters, and eat a sweet treat together in anticipation of the best birthday party of the year!

If you’re really interested, you could vote for your favorite ugly sweater too!

If none of this stuff is your jam, that’s okay no judgement! Please know that you are loved, and that we’re filled with joy to share our world with you!


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